The Bikes Jack Built story...


Custom classic motorcycle rebuilds

In a past life I was a management consultant living in Amsterdam, working all over Europe and often USA. I decided that it was time to let the wheels of change roll after the realization that I’d spent 63 days of the year at home, the rest of that time I was working out of other cities, sleeping in soulless hotels and eating airplane food. There was a voice of rebellion inside me, the voice of “Jack” and he was going to make things change!

In 2005 I travelled through India on my way to Everest. I was about to run to Base camp and back. At the time I was doing a lot of mountain running and had always dreamed of going to Everest. As I made my way north across country I couldn’t believe how many classic British bikes were on the road, most of which were Royal Enfield but also a good dose of BSA, Triumph, Matchless to name a few. Jack my alter ego wasn’t going home without one!

After the mind-blowing run on Everest we headed back to Delhi. Jack bought a 1976 Royal Enfield, had it stripped, rebuilt and sent it home to Amsterdam, the rest as they say, is history…

Now, I have a team of buyers and builders that I work with closely, who have become great friends more than they are colleagues. We pride ourselves on not just rebuilding bikes but bringing these legends of a past era back to life. I’m a bitch about the detail and if it’s not perfect it isn’t finished!

But it doesn’t end there… 

We run guided tours

Stock British made Riding Goggles and ECE approved helmets

Provide parts and accessories for most classic British bikes direct from the main manufacturers and distributors.

And soon to come  – Jackets, clothing and more…


The build Process:

Step 1

Find a forgotten about British motorcycle with an inner beauty… even if it is hard to see through the dirt!

Step 2

Identify which parts on the bike are worth keeping and reconditioning to ensure nothing awesome is lost

Step 3

Strip the body line completely and discard all parts that can’t be saved

Step 4

Strip the engine and gearbox completely keeping only the highest quality British parts for reconditioning

Step 5

Source all replacement engine and gearbox parts direct from the manufacturers and test all reconditioned parts

Step 6

Source all replacement body line parts direct from the manufacturer, test and prepare the frame and any other reconditioned parts ready for engine testing

Step 7

Build the engine and gearbox onto a frame then road test for 500 km, checking and correcting any mechanical glitches

Step 8

After the 500 km testing, remove the engine, gearbox and any body line parts and prepare for paint

Step 9

Send all parts off to paint and build back on to the bike for final testing

Step 10

Stand back and admire the rebirth of a legendary machine… then ride it like it was born to be ridden